As you know all know, many of the vacant buildings in downtown Rose Hill are available for lease. The following article was written by Rose Hill Expat Janet Simmons and has been reprinted with her permission.
The thought of settling down into a new office space can be equally daunting and exciting for business owners. If you are relocating your office to another location, then this probably evokes a combination of both these emotions for you as well. During this process, there are plenty of things that your broker will have to think about, but if you really want to get the best office space, then there are things that you need to consider too.
If you need to select a new office space and you want to get the best one, make sure you consider the following before you decide:
Energy Efficiency
More and more energy efficient commercial properties have been developed in recent years. Even though renting an energy efficient space may cost you more initially, but it will you save money in the long run. In fact, even make sure that your components and IT systems are also energy efficient. Perhaps you should even adopt practices like recycling paper, switching off non-essentials, using energy-efficient and/or motion-sensitive lighting, etc. It will be much better if the build is already energy efficient itself.

IT Infrastructure
Today, almost every commercial business is conducted with IT, so when selecting your new office space, another huge factor that you must consider is IT infrastructure. A good 3G and cell phone signal should be available in the neighborhood and reliable ADSL and telephone lines should be available in the building. The building should also have an air-conditioned/climate-controlled room for servers and surge-protected plug points. The new office should also be covered by your ISP.
office security
In the business environment of today, good security is crucial. Security is not merely in the form of alarms and business insurance. Your office space should also promote the perception of a secure environment to your clients and your staff. It is becoming the norm for gated business parks to have bio-metric access control, particularly in new commercial property developments. If protecting sensitive IP and information is essential for your business, then make sure CCTV is installed in your new space and that protection against industrial espionage or IP theft will be possible.
The Location
Things like accessibility from clients and employees, competitiveness and position in your specific market, and the perception your clients have of your business will depend on local. Overall, the location of the new space for your office will also determine your monthly rental costs, which will also be affected by property, rates, taxes, and value. Consequently, whether or not your business will be profitable and successful will be influenced by the conceptual and financial consequence of all of these. So, you must consider the location.
Transport Infrastructure
Great strides are being made all over the world in order to ensure that reliable public transport becomes available to office workers. With public transport, employees and entrepreneurs are able to use their transit time more efficiently. You can check email, do bookkeeping, brain storming, research, and product development, and you can even write proposals while riding the bus or train to work. So, to if you relocate your office to a location that has plenty of public transport services nearby, so that you and your employees can also benefit from such tech capability.
There are businesses that cannot be run without office space, and you if truly want to get the best one, and then keep the above in mind when choosing.
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