Rose Hill’s featured business of the month is Cliff’s Forklifts. Congratulations Cliff! He won by just 2 votes in last weeks facebook poll. Many of you cited his fantastic customer service, training, and all-around good attitude. When Cliff was asked how it felt to be the Business of the Month he asked, “Did I win anything?”. Yes Cliff. You have won the admiration of your customers and the people of the city of Rose Hill. Cliff asked us to remind you that if you have recently bought a forklift from him, that you should come in and buy a UL-rated forklift safety light or an affordable forklift blue light.Cliff's Forklifts

From the website of Cliff “Forklift Certification” Johnson…

Forklift safety lights are especially useful at blind intersections and sharp turns to ensure the safety of people and workers alike. Forklift related injuries can be catastrophic, even lethal in some cases. Therefore, it is prudent to invest in safety lights that can prevent future overheads of accidents and lawsuits that can run deep into your pockets. Lets look at some of the important points when it comes to safety lights.

What are Forklift Safety Lights?

– These are bright lights mounted on the forklift to alert the people around in case of an approaching forklift. Generally  blue or red in color (majority of these are blue ), these precede an approaching truck to ensure that the commuters are aware of their presence. They can even be mounted on the front, back, and/or sides.

Why Safety Lights?

There are so many reasons. Let’s look at some of them:
– Safety Provision: Its better to be safe than sorry.
– Avoid Accidents: Useless accidents can hamper your reputation and business. You won’t mind avoiding them.
– In the US alone, 19000 accidents per year involve forklifts.
– Running a business can be tricky. While these costs may seem useless at first, it will take only one accident (that too might not be your fault) to put a much deeper hole in your pocket.
Investing a little in the beginning can save a lot later!

Cliff also specializes in Forklift Train the Trainer Programs nationwide. Give him a call.